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EZSpirits POS informational Documents

The user manual for EZSpirits POS is not available on out website. It is on the desktop of every EZSpirits POS machine. It is updated each time you apply a software update.

AutoIndexer Setup


Scanner Programming Sheets

Symbol LS2208

Model 8520

Model 9540

Model 1220G

No Receipt Release

Credit Card Receipt release for EZSpirits POS

If you would like credit card receipts under a specific value turned of do the foillowing;
1. Check with your provider to see what amount they will guarantee.
2. Print this release form and fill it out.
3. Send that release form to our mailing address. Must be the original document, no fax or email.

General Information

Splashtop Remote Access and Printing

Whats the different between Markup and Gross profit?

50 ML Setup

Tech Setup & Hardware requirements

Tech Setup, Convention & Hardware Docs

The tech document pack is a zip file containing all the information our techs use to setup and maintain EZSpirits POS