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EZSpirits POS Gift Cards

We are proud to announce the EZSpirits Gift Card Program.

EZSpirits gift card program allows you to buy your own cards and set the system up to read them. We suggest that your cards have the account or card number printed somewhere on the card so the clerk can verify the card after swiping or scanning. By having EZSpirits manage your gift cards the only expense you have is the cards themselves. You will not pay any processing fees.

With the gift card program you can;
1. Sell cards.
2. Add more money to a customer card.
3. Check a card balance.
4. Print the customer a balance ticket.
5. Print the customer a purchase history ticket.
6. Managers can edit the card balance if needed.
7. Recycle a used card to be sold as a new card again.

Gift Card Resources
Always tell them you are an EZSpirits POS Customer so your cards will be configured correctly!
Short Run Plastic Cards.
The cards are high quality and look great.
Check their web site for examples and pricing.

They do have a minimum order of 100.
Mention this promo code EZSPIRITS66217

ID CARD Consultants

No minimum order.